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Let the Journey Begin…

A passionate story of inspiration: hope, faith, peace and especially LOVE for the world and inspired by what I simply term God, the Ultimate Source, the Creative Source of Life itself. That is my legacy to my beloved family…and the world.


Craig Lock’s new work is a story of ordinary men and women, whose strong sense of justice and decency led to their making their own unique contribution to the liberation of South Africa. The stories in my new work not only shine a light on South Africa’s turbulent and often dark past, but tell us something about the present state of the world “and how one man’s freedom fighter, like Nelson Mandela can be another’s terrorist…and to another a ‘hero liberator’ (It just depends upon ones perspective). Therefore, it is vitally important to understand the mind of a person. And that is the mindset we are truly going to have to understand to ‘win this current war against terror’. So, by only looking to history, we always find something, a ray of hope to illuminate the present and the future.” *

* I think those were the words (powerful) of Gillian Slovo (daughter of Joe Slovo) in describing her book from which the uplifting and inspiring film ‘Catch A Fire’ was based. And I have the same sentiments and  motives in my various writings.


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