The Woman Who Took on Mugabe

Zimbabwe – an open letter to President Jacob Zuma

This is a copy of a letter written and published some years ago…

but what has really changed in the perilous lives of  so many desperately poor citizens, the “ordinary” Zimbabweans in the intervening years??.

So we must simply keep on keeping on the pressure and circumstances WILL change…soon!


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This “open letter” may be freely published.


Dear President Zuma

As a “rather passionate” South African (always), I am writing to you to implore you to please do something constructive and EFFECTIVE about the dire situation in neighbouring Zimbabwe, the birth-country of my father. “Constructive engagement” under former president Thabo Mbeki did NOT work with “President” Mugabe.

Just as South Africa cut off resources and economic support to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia under UDI, you, the ANC and SADC could do the same… at the stroke of a pen!

President Zuma…

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