The “Power of Words” (by Nelson Mandela) at Times Square

Published on Apr 17, 2013
Montblanc presents the “Power of Words” video project as part of the “Midnight Moment” in Times Square, capturing the powerful words of Nelson Mandela.

The video installation, created especially for the Times Square screens, has been showing nightly through the month of April 2013 from 11:57 pm — midnight as part of the “Midnight Moment”.

The words of Nelson Mandela—made up of text edited from numerous speeches—collide, float, pour, and burst onto Times Square’s screens through a dramatic, cosmic blue background in the collaborative work created by Nabil Elderkin, Andrew van der Westhuyzen, and Gregory Stern.

For Montblanc, its more than just an exciting piece of modern contemporary art, it honours the power of the written word and is a tribute to remarkable, outstanding people like Nelson Mandela. As part of the international Montblanc “Signature for Good” cooperation with UNICEF, this new and exciting initiative will help to raise awareness and create a better understanding about the importance of quality education for children around the world.


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