Wildlife vet on a rhino mission

Unsung Heroes: People Shining a Light in a Sometimes Dark World

Wildlife vet on a rhino mission

Dr Will Fowlds doing what he does best. Dr Will Fowlds doing what he does best. Photo: williamfowldsdaytoday.blogspot.com

anne taylorBy Anne Taylor
27 August 2013

South African wildlife vet Will Fowlds is in Hanoi today to lead a rhino workshop hosted by the Vietnamese government.

South African, American and Malaysian ambassadors, Vietnamese government officials, a delegation from Vietnam CITES as well as journalists are expected to attend the information-sharing event in Hanoi.

“Hopefully this will pave the way for some serious action to reduce demand. My message, the reality of rhino poaching for the rhinos that are being slaughtered by the hundreds. I am praying we hit a nerve,” Dr Fowlds said on his Facebook page this week.

Dr William FowldsDr William Fowlds. Photo:Investec
thandi-healingAbout a year after having her horn hacked off by poachers, Thandi recently underwent a skin graft. Photo: Jason Loest, Kariega Game…

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