She and I had known each other for close on 22 years. We had much in common, the favourite of which was walking. Our best tramps were to Kirstenbosch, Groot Constantia and Constantia, Nek, and we would stop half way and sit on a tree trunk and have our water and Provita biscuits, which she loved.

The smell of the pines and oaks would really turn us both on, but squirrels were her real delight. As the years went by, my friend found that even going shopping wth me was unmanagable. And so the day dawened when her bright eyes were almost sightless and her once trim little body so frail that she could not stand.

I did yesterday, the most difficult task I have ever been called to do – to put an end to her life.

She will be so well remembered by all of us who loved and new
my little black poodle Martine.

                                   HER FRIEND
Harfield Village
Cape Town, South Africa


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