The End Of The Line


The End Of The Line

A story based on fact in the dark days
of grand apartheid, but with the rich
promise and hope that a new South Africa
can bring.





“The past is another country”



Sea and sand
My love
My land,
God bless Africa
Many sunsets
Gold and crimson
Have dripped on the horizon,
Weeping for the dying day.
Many dawns have risen
In timely resurrection
From their cradles of light
Sunsets and dawns
Dawns and sunsets
I have seen them all
But when,
Oh when will I see that day
When love will walk the common way
To heal my wounded people
And break the shackles around their hearts?
– Don Mattera.
I love that poem.

The paperback version of The End Of The Line  is available at

The various books that Craig “felt inspired to write” (including his various novels on South Africa) are available at: and


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