John Newton Photography

John Newton Photography

A packed beach at at Natures Valley, in between tourist times

Great photographs by my old friend in Cape Town who shares my passions for motor racing, South Africa and writing (as well as a very “wacky” sense of humour)!

Another kindred-spirit you “found” (“obsessive”), as my dear “ex” calls us

picture packed beach at Natures Valley (Cape Peninsula) …before  tourist times by John Newton

May all your dreams come true, Jonno

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

“Life is about finding, then following the dream and one’s
dream/vision comes to reality through believing in yourself,
making the commitment and then creating it.”


A Packed beach at Nature's Valley , in between tourist times....My “Natures Valley in Paradise” on the other side of the world

– not taken by the world’s worst photographer (yours truly!)


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3 Responses to “John Newton Photography”

  1. craiglock Says:

    Reblogged this on Cape Town: My pictures of the beautiful "Mother City" of South Africa.


  2. Says:

    John Newton Photography | Craig’s Books


  3. craiglock Says:

    Hi to all you “out there in cyberspace”

    Pleased you all like this post from my friend and thanks for linking to and/or following this blog. I’ve had many hundreds of links already since posting, so thank you so much. With so many blogs and books to write and manage (and so little time in a day and night) unfortunately I can’t return the favour, but your actions are much appreciated.
    All the best


    ”Since I can never see your face,
    And never shake you by the hand,
    I send my soul through time and space
    To greet you. You will understand.”
    – James Elroy Flecker (1884-1915)


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