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South Africa (the “Beloved Country”)

June 12, 2014

South Africa (the “Beloved Country”)

Table Mountain (John)

Photo (great) of Table Mountain, Cape Town (the beautiful “Mother City” of SA) by my old friend John (“the world’s third worst photographer”, so he calls himself), but whose photographic talents I definitely do NOT possess)!
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Craig’s  Blogs on South Africa and His Various Books on South (and Southern) Africa






June 11, 2014

A South African Economist and Business Leader




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“We South Africans tend to look on the dark side of the moon. We sometimes can’t believe that we’re actually doing OK.”

– Maria Ramos, former Director General of the Treasury


Born on 22/02/1959 (format : day/month/year)

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Biography :Maria Ramos (b.Feb 22,1959), is a South African economist and businesswoman. Today she is the CEO of ABSA Group, position which she has held since 1 March 2009 . ABSA Group is is one of South Africa’s largest financial services groups, offering a complete range of banking, bancassurance and wealth management products and services.  


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The Trojan Horse Massacre, Cape Town South Africa, October 1985

June 5, 2014

CBS Archival footage of the shooting taken by Chris Everson in Thornton Road, Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa on 15 October 1985.

I don’t like “rehashing” the past too much* (as I learn about uploading videos), yet it’s a lesson we can learn for the present and the future… throughout the world.


“The past is another country… just as life in the townships was/is (??)  another country.”


* As happened at Tiananman Square in China, never to be repeated (nor forgotten), yet it, “man’s inhumanity to man, woman and child”  is still going on in numerous places like Congo, Syria and Ukraine today!


Ex Afrika semper aliquid novi

”There is always something new out of Africa.”

“Africa always brings forth something new.”

– Plinius sr. (23-79 A.D.) in Naturalis Historia


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

June 5, 2014

Ernest Hemingway: Thoughts on the Writing Journey


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

– “the master writer”, Ernest Hemingway

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

-Groucho Marx

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“The Persistent Hemingway.”: “It is not so important to succeed as to persist.”

June 4, 2014

Ernest Hemingway: Thoughts on the Writing Journey


“It is not so important to succeed as to persist.”

– inspiring words from the great South African writer, Alan Paton (author of the classic book, Cry the Beloved Country 1948), that can greatly encourage and sustain all of us throughout the dark times of life



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Racing (and Writing) in the Zone

June 4, 2014

“It’s water under the bridge.”

June 3, 2014

Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey

Water under the bridge Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s water under the bridge”?

I don’t know where this expression originated, . but years ago an Ohio newspaper editor wrote an editorial that may be the answer. Grove Patterson, the editor, certainly could paint with words. The editorial was titled, ‘Water Under the Bridge.’


“A boy a long time ago leaned against the railing of a bridge and watched the current of the river below. A log, a bit of driftwood, a chip floated past. Again the surface of the river was smooth. But always, as it had for a hundred perhaps a thousand, perhaps even a million years, the water slipped by under the bridge. Watching the river that day, the boy made a discovery. Quite suddenly, and yet quietly, he knew that everything in his life would some day pass under the bridge and be gone…

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Bloed en water

June 3, 2014

Tussen Stasies

As ‘n jong tiener meisie, kon ek nooit verstaan hoekom die ouer (wyser) lede in my familie so teen my vriendskappe gekant was nie. Ek onthou tot en met vandag toe my Ma en my Tannie se woorde as ons om ‘n kamp vuur sit – en ek dikbek en verveeld na my vriende verlang.

“Eendag sal jy sien my skat, dat ons nog al die jare reg was. Bloed is dikker as water, as jy een dag in die afgronde in tuimel, gaan nie een van jou maatjies in sig wees nie, maar ons gaan daar wees, ons sal altyd daar wees, ons gaan die poephole wees wat jou met ons grawe probeer uithelp”

Tot en met vandag toe, wou ek hulle nooit glo nie. Wat weet hulle? Hulle het  dan nie eers vriende nie?



In die klein wêreldjie waarin ek grootgeword het, was my…

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“One must first of all endure.”

June 3, 2014

Ernest Hemingway: Thoughts on the Writing Journey

“One must first of all endure.”

“One must first of all endure.”
– Ernest Hemingway


PS: This (endurance and persistence) also mirrors the themes of my personal journey and writings… though definitely without the quality of the “master writer”.

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Where Did It All Begin?

June 1, 2014

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