“It’s water under the bridge.”

Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey

Water under the bridge Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s water under the bridge”?

I don’t know where this expression originated, . but years ago an Ohio newspaper editor wrote an editorial that may be the answer. Grove Patterson, the editor, certainly could paint with words. The editorial was titled, ‘Water Under the Bridge.’


“A boy a long time ago leaned against the railing of a bridge and watched the current of the river below. A log, a bit of driftwood, a chip floated past. Again the surface of the river was smooth. But always, as it had for a hundred perhaps a thousand, perhaps even a million years, the water slipped by under the bridge. Watching the river that day, the boy made a discovery. Quite suddenly, and yet quietly, he knew that everything in his life would some day pass under the bridge and be gone…

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