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THE BOOK ‘Bismarck, Dorsetshire and Memories’

  1. Ray Remembers Epic Battle

His book is an eyewitness account of the sinking of the Bismarck

The book: Bismarck, Dorsetshire and Memories by Ray Lock

by Penny Tsepouras

from North Glen News 1/10/2004

and sent to me by my dear dad, which I‘m sharing on the www to help preserve his memory, and most importantly, to share his unique eye-witness account of epic battles from WW II through the amazing power of the net.


FOR many of us World War II occupies a distant place in history, far removed from our every day lives, yet immortalised for a generation who paid heavily for the price of freedom.

For Durban North’s Ray Lock, the recent publication of his book Bismarck, Dorsetshire and Memories, is a recollection of events documenting his eyewitness account to one of the major historical events in WW II that has rightly found a place in historical archives.

In 1939, at the tender age…

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