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Angolan Dawn

January 12, 2014

Angolan Dawn

Angolan Dawn )ebook)








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New book ‘ANGOLAN DAWN ‘ has just been published

March 24, 2010

ANGolan Dawn (Amazon)

New book ‘ANGOLAN DAWN ‘ by Craig Lock has just been published.

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A true tale of an Angolan migrant miner who goes to ‘e’Goli’, the big city of gold in South Africa.
Also a realistic portrayal of the Angolan conflict in “darkest Africa” through the eyes of a hospital orderly.
A moving and realistic novel about the evil and destructiveness of war, as well as the inherent goodness within every human spirit. In short, the story of a nation’s agony and hope.


A short extract…

“It was just getting light with that certain freshness in the
air of early morning. Albertina Kangombe saw the figure of her husband Marcelino receding in the distance down the sandy track, walking slowly down the gentle hill. She saw him turn around once to look at her but he could not see the tears of sadness running down her face. She wondered when she would see her dear, strong
husband again. He was a tall man but he became smaller and smaller as she saw him gradually receding into the distance on that early January morning. And then he was gone… ” #

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Craig Lock’s most recent work Angolan Dawn has the following qualities in abundance: imaginative scope realism, emotion and tension. It is in my opinion a first-class work of modern fiction.

In most respects this is an individual and innovative piece with considerable character. It is conventional only in so far as the author has taken pains to structure this work in accordance with the dramatic necessities of pace, exposition and denouement. It is all the stronger for having what I would call a ‘‘classic’ plot: one which has guts to it which takes its readers on a clear and well-defined journey from A to B and leaves us feeling like we have truly experienced something at the end of it. Not that there is anything ‘obvious’ at the manner in which the tale unfolds. Far from it – the world of the novel through a fictional creation of some substance is  unpredictable and enigmatic as reality.

The essential realism carries over into the body of the text itself. The writing is packed with the body of real experience; little insights and observations combine with the fictional material to give the work a powerful relevance to its readers. Essential ‘scene-setting’ details and other information are not relayed in huge indigestible chunks, but are instead woven carefully into the fabric of the plot itself. The dialogue  is particularly well-handled: sharp and convincing. The total result of these factors working together is what papers might call ‘a thumping good read’!

The written style is excellent perfectly suited to the tale the author has to tell. Without seeming at all self-conscious the author has found a voice in which he  writes with fluency and confidence. The book is written in an engaging and convincing manner with an appealing quality of direct communication.

In short this a stylish and well-structured piece of work a compelling novel and it deserves to do well in the market-place.”

– Michael Warwick  and Arthur Thorndike (“Chief Editor” M Press )

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