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The Trojan Horse Massacre, Cape Town South Africa, October 1985

June 5, 2014

CBS Archival footage of the shooting taken by Chris Everson in Thornton Road, Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa on 15 October 1985.

I don’t like “rehashing” the past too much* (as I learn about uploading videos), yet it’s a lesson we can learn for the present and the future… throughout the world.


“The past is another country… just as life in the townships was/is (??)  another country.”


* As happened at Tiananman Square in China, never to be repeated (nor forgotten), yet it, “man’s inhumanity to man, woman and child”  is still going on in numerous places like Congo, Syria and Ukraine today!


Ex Afrika semper aliquid novi

”There is always something new out of Africa.”

“Africa always brings forth something new.”

– Plinius sr. (23-79 A.D.) in Naturalis Historia



Cape Town sunrise

April 13, 2014

Craig's Books

Cape Town sunrise

Another day beckons in the beautiful Mother City of South Africa

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Storm’s brewing: Pictures, trials and tribulations on a farm in Africa. Official site of “The World’s 3rd Worst Photographer “

January 2, 2014

Storm’s brewing: Pictures,trials and tribulations on a farm in Africa. Official site of “The World’s 3rd Worst Photographer “

Pictures from John Newton Photography: Official site of “The World’s 3rd Worst Photographer “

Linked to (and shared by) the web site of “definitely the world’s worst photographer , other than my dear mother”



Ex Afrika semper aliquid novi
”There is always something new out of Africa.”

“Africa always brings forth something new.”
– Plinius sr. (23-79 A.D.) in Naturalis Historia


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John Newton Photography

January 2, 2014

John Newton Photography

A packed beach at at Natures Valley, in between tourist times

Great photographs by my old friend in Cape Town who shares my passions for motor racing, South Africa and writing (as well as a very “wacky” sense of humour)!

Another kindred-spirit you “found” (“obsessive”), as my dear “ex” calls us

picture packed beach at Natures Valley (Cape Peninsula) …before  tourist times by John Newton

May all your dreams come true, Jonno

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

“Life is about finding, then following the dream and one’s
dream/vision comes to reality through believing in yourself,
making the commitment and then creating it.”


A Packed beach at Nature's Valley , in between tourist times....My “Natures Valley in Paradise” on the other side of the world

– not taken by the world’s worst photographer (yours truly!)

The End Of The Line

November 27, 2013


The End Of The Line

A story based on fact in the dark days
of grand apartheid, but with the rich
promise and hope that a new South Africa
can bring.





“The past is another country”



Sea and sand
My love
My land,
God bless Africa
Many sunsets
Gold and crimson
Have dripped on the horizon,
Weeping for the dying day.
Many dawns have risen
In timely resurrection
From their cradles of light
Sunsets and dawns
Dawns and sunsets
I have seen them all
But when,
Oh when will I see that day
When love will walk the common way
To heal my wounded people
And break the shackles around their hearts?
– Don Mattera.
I love that poem.

The paperback version of The End Of The Line  is available at

The various books that Craig “felt inspired to write” (including his various novels on South Africa) are available at: and

CAPE TOWN: The Beautiful “Mother City” (of South Africa) [Kindle Edition]

April 23, 2013

CAPE TOWN: The Beautiful “Mother City” (of South Africa) [Kindle Edition]

by craig lock (and the great photographs by Gordon Richardson)

“Where dreams are possible.”

“And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
– TS Eliot in ‘Four Quarters’

Key words (tags): Cape Town, South Africa, books, new books, From Seeds of Hope to Endless Possibilities: Far and Grand Horizons and Endless Possibilities and Grand Vistas: Far and Great Horizons

This e-book follows on from my latest Amazon digital books‘From Seeds of Hope to Endless Possibilities’ (sounds funny that!) and Endless Possibilities and Grand Vistas: Far and Great Horizons
Web sites: and
Obsessive or WHAT!!!

“The greatest mountain we need to climb lies in our own minds”. It’s not the highest mountain that we conquer, but ourselves, our own mentality. Overcoming perceived limits to reach (attain) the pinnacle of our own minds.”
– craig (as inspired by the words of Sir Edmund Hillary, conquerer of Mount Everest (1919-2008)

Just time to slip in one “heavy” spiritual quote
“Truth and love must prevail over lies and hate.”
– Vaclav Havel, , playright , former dissident, then President of Czechoslovakia
What’s that got to do with this book. “Dunno”…but liked it anyway, so thought I’d include.
Stop being so “airey-fairey spiritual” now, craig…you’ll be no “earthly good”!

To dearest mom.
Your Spirit lives on through these “piccies” and our great times together in the “beautiful mother city” Thanks for everything

“Your only limits are your own imagination.”


“Art is at the highest reach of one’s creative imagination.”

Thanks to Gordon Richardson for the great cover picture of Table Mountain that I’ve “borrowed” (and used with permission) for this ebook., as well as all Gordon’s other great photos of the beautiful “Mother City” of South Africa.
Clouds, sunsets and scenic Cape Town
Web site:
smail: 308 Charnwood, Rosmead Ave
7708 Kenilworth, Cape, South Africa

You may also have a look at the following site:

Your artistic and photographic talents are gratefully acknowledged. Thanks, Gordon.

“total non-techno, but learning fast about digital publishing”


I’ll just practice my computer skills as a “fiddle around with these piccies” (Gordon’s amazing photographs) and upload them to Amazon.

“We learn by trying and doing”

“I make art through using materials…and words are my tools.”

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

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